We leverage operational excellence tools and the most recent technologies to support our clients in their journey toward Industry 4.0

your operations

We support Industry 4.0 deployment in Product Development, Manufacturing and Logistics

your people

We provide Industry 4.0 trainings to develop your leadership & teams.
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Industry 4.0

We are developing AI tools, like DispoX, that radically change the way factories are designed, run and improved.

Our "3x3" Vision

We help our clients implement Industry 4.0 to increase their profits by transforming their product development, manufacturing, logistics operations.
DispoX has been developed to be the linchpin of this transformation.

Produce, Sell, Profit

Whatever your company, it’s modus operandi can most certainly be summarized in 3 main functions : Produce, Sell and Make profit. We are experts in helping you Produce cheaper, quicker at higher quality so that you can increase your profits.

Design, Make, Deliver

Whatever you produce, it most certainly entails the following 3 operations : Design, Make and Deliver. We are experts in bringing excellence in those 3 operations (product development, manufacturing and logistics) so that you can lower your cost, reduce lead time and increase quality.

Process, People, Technology

Whatever your activity, you most probably make use of process, people and technology. We leverage on the latest technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, operational excellence techniques and people training to bring our clients to Industry 4.0.

Tranform your operations

Transforming the way you produce to lower the cost, reduce lead time and increase quality starts with product development then goes to manufacturing and logistics. We provide the holistic expertise to support our clients in their transformation of those 3 operations in order to bring them to Industry 4.0.

Thanks to our experts’ hands-on industrial expertise we are able to cut thru of all the noise around Industry 4.0 to help our clients improve their processes, find and prioritize the just needed technologies that will magnify their product development, manufacturing and logistics operations. DispoX takes all its place in this transformation.

We are suitably equipped to serve SMEs, for which we have developed a 1-day Assessment Workshop and a 2-week Industry 4.0 DIAG®. These are good points to start or adjust your journey towards excellence. We don’t just talk about Industry 4.0, we make it happen for you with your teams.