DispoX is

An intelligent end-to-end software platform that provides the needed tools to achieve performance target of a factory at every stage of its lifecycle: design, operation and upgrade.

DispoX is not

A visualization tool – yet it has an advanced and modern visualization tool that help communicate results effectively.

A data collection tool – yet it has a data injection module that uses IoT any data science to collect factory data, extract accurate performance information and securely ready them  for DispoX decision-making models.

An equipment repository – yet it includes a vast amount of historical an operational data on your assets performance that are securely stored and used to feed decision-making models.

A dashboard for managers – yet it has a geographical dashboard and customizable charts set that can be configured at managers’ convenience to provide a global picture of factories performance.

An enterprise social network tool – yet it has collaborative tools such as forum channels, instant messaging, distance screen-sharing that allows multi-function teams to work effectively.

A simulation tool – yet it includes a unique blend of simulation, analytics and ML models capabilities that provide the ability to address a wide range of cases and bring intelligence in factory design, operations and improvement.