Dillygence was co-founded by world renowned advanced manufacturing experts from industry (Peugeot, McKinsey) and academia (MIT). We aim to spread manufacturing intelligence to revolutionize the way factories are designed, run and improved with our combined experience in manufacturing analytics, operational excellence, automation and computer algorithms. We are headquartered near Paris with offices in Boston and Montreal.

Alain Patchong

Alain Patchong, a former Scholar at MIT, is an industry expert with a holistic understanding of factory engineering and operation based on 20+ of experience of practice and research.

Stanley Geshwin
Chief Scientist

Stanley B. Gershwin, a world-renowned manufacturing systems scientist, has been a member of the MIT Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity since 1988.

James Schor

James Schor, an analytics and simulation expert, co-founded Analytics Operations Engineering, after receiving his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from MIT in 1995.

Yves Fopa
Architect & Project Manager

Yves Fopa is specialized in managing IT complex and regulated technology environments in Europe. He has successfully conducted several projects in fields as different as banking, oil, telecommunication, …

Advisory board

Christophe Aufrère
CTO, Faurecia
Eric Espérance
Partner, Roland Berger
Maureen Clerc
Research Director, INRIA
Young Jae Jang
Associate Professor, KAIST South Korea