Enterprise platform

DispoX provides a comprehensive and operating environment for manufacturing assets data integration, use, and collaborative exploration of large volumes of data.



DispoX collects a vast amount of data to support factory operation through our proprietary innovative IoT and data injection analytics technologies. Enterprise Platform is the place where those data are stored. It includes a repository of all equipment data that have been collected from factories, enterprise-wide, or from public domain. It also includes all factory models that has been previously built or tested.



Managers, manufacturing team and any staff involved in the construction of factories may have a global transparent access to all performance data concerning machines, lines and factories. This global transparency allows reuse of existing models. It also provides a platform to benchmark assets performance and identify improvement opportunities. The DispoX enterprise assets data lake operates in a secure, scalable cloud infrastructure.





DispoX offers modern, intuitive visualization tools and instant communication infrastructure that can seamlessly be used by staff to reach out, better communicate on their work. Corporate managers can design and customize dashboard that provides them with a global picture of their manufacturing footprint with the possibility to zoom in down to the equipment level in each factory. They get a unique end-to-end scalable visibility on company asset performance.